The Hot Rolling Mill at Saraikela provides SSWL with a backward integration for specially engineering sections of heavy commercial vehicles wheels. With an annual capacity of 60000 metric tons and a range of products it is a state of the art reversible type set-up with many salient features like –

  1. Walking hearth type re-heating furnace with level 2 automation
  2. Rake type cooling beds with automated bar transfer
  3. Automated descaling unit

We are committed to SSWL’s motto of delivering value while demonstrating responsibility and continue to relentlessly chase better quality for our customers, latest technology for improved performance, and better safety & work atmosphere for our employees. The plant has initiated its own CSR activities to fulfill its commitment to support and help the communities where we live and operate.

We are producing specially engineering sections, alloy steel rounds, spring steel flats and RCS in this mill through hot-rolling. The plant is undergoing expansion with more products planned in near future. The products are available in multiple steel grades as well as in low, medium and high alloy steel grades.
With regards to quality, we believe in doing it right the first time with uncompromising standards. Although, our manufacturing processes are designed in a way to ensure that every piece is meticulously produced, we ascertain that the completed product confirms to the highest quality of standards through rigorous testing. Here are some of the test that the material & products go through in our well-equipped QA labs

Chemical composition

Inclusion rating

Jominy end quench hardenability

Grain size


YS, TS, Elongation and reduction area


DI value

Hardness (BHN, HRA,HRB and HRC)

Impact Test

Internal soundness etc

Side Ring

  • Size 7.5 x 20
  • Material Plain Carbon Steel

Lock Ring

  • Size 8.0 x 20/7.5x20
  • Material Plain Carbon Steel (SAE 1018/1025 etc)

Flange Ring

  • Size 8.0 x 20/7.5x20
  • Material Plain Carbon Steel (SAE 1018/1025 etc)

Demountable Ring

  • Size 8.5x22.5
  • Material Plain Carbon Steel (SAE 1018/1025 etc)


  • Size 25-90 mm dia
  • Material Low/medium & high alloy


  • Size 60-120mm wide; 6-20 mm thick
  • Material Spring steel grades

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