June Volume grew by 125%, Turnover Grew 150% MoM

    SSWL achieved June 2020 total wheel rim sales of 6.46 Lacs Vs 11.28 Lacs in June 2019 representing a de-growth of 43% YoY.

    SSWL has achieved gross turnover of Rs 97.59 Crs in June 2020 Vs 168.34 Crs in June 2019, there by recording a de-growth of 42% and achieved Net turnover of Rs.82.76 Crs in June 2020 Vs Rs.139.54 Crs in June 2019, recording a de-growth of 41%.

    Tractor segment is operating at 100% utilization for June 2020 and is expected to run at 100% plus capacity utilization for coming 4 months.

    Export segment has reached to Pre COVID Levels and we will see sustained improvement in this segment of business.

    Segment wise Breakup of growth


    Segment June Growth (YoY)
    Passenger Car -38%
    2 & 3 Wheelers -91%
    Exports -1%
    Tractor +45%
    Truck -78%
    Overall -43%


    Exports Segment volume fell by 1%. The export segment maintained a good pull back from COVID levels and have reach close the Pre COVID levels and we expect this to trend up and maintain 10-15% growth going ahead.

    Tractor volumes rose by 45% in June 2020 YoY. The tractor segment saw huge momentum and went very close to all-time highs in terms of sales and we expect the hit the all-time highs for tractor segment in coming 3 months.

    Passenger car segment volumes fell 38% in June 2020 YoY. The PV volumes saw a sharp drop on the back of COVID Led start up issues and is expected to improve substantially in July month and will sustained improvement going into Q2 for FY 20-21.

    2 & 3 Wheelers Segment fell 91%. The 2/3 wheeler segment fell sharply on the back on clearance of old inventory and this will start reflecting in volume improvement from August month onwards. Commercial Vehicles segment volumes fell by 78% YoY in June 2020. The CV makers continued with pre COVID levs of production cuts and faced COVID related disruption in June. July onwards the rate of decline will improve with production forecast improving going ahead.

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