SSWL achieves highest ever monthly volume in August 2018, revenue up 42% YOY

    SSWL achieved total wheel rim sales of 14.14 Lacs Vs 12.39 Lacs in August 2018 representing a growth of 14% YoY. The growth in August was contributed by all around the segment and we expect the trend to be robust going ahead in Q2 of FY 18-19. Export segment will perform very strong going ahead in balance 3 quarters of the FY 18-19

    In terms of Value, the company has achieved gross turnover of Rs 217.77 Crs in August 2018 Vs 153.56 Crs in August 2017, there by recording a growth of 42% and achieved Net turnover of Rs.166.41 Crs in August 2018Vs Rs.124.10 Crs in August 2017, recording a growth of 34%.

    SSWL achieved highest ever Truck Wheel Exports

    SSWL achieved highest Tractor Wheel Exports

    Segment wise Breakup of growth


    Segment August Growth (YoY)
    Passenger Car +2%
    Tractor +12%
    2 & 3 Wheelers +20%
    Exports +49%
    Truck +62%
    Overall 14%

    Passenger car segment volumes grew by 2% in August 2018 YoY. The PV volumes grew by 2% and was better than the industry growth with the PC segment volumes still at record numbers with SSWL. We are expecting 3 new car programs to be starting with SSWL in Q3 and Q4 of FY 18-19 further pushing up volumes for SSWL.

    Tractor volumes rose by 12% in August 2018 YoY. The tractor segment saw 12% rise and SSWL is still running the volume run-rate at record levels for the company. We expect very strong numbers going into Q2 with normal rainfall aiding to further strong move in tractor sales.

    Commercial Vehicles segment volumes grew by 62% YoY in August 2018. The CV segment saw robust growth in August 2018 with 62% YoY increase. The axle load factors are now stabilizing and the impact will be absorbed by the truck makers by adjusting the truck portfolio to cater higher infrastructure led growth. SSWL did highest Truck segment exports ever in August 2018 and we expect to maintain this strong trend fur the full year.

    2 & 3 Wheelers Segment rose by 20%. The sales rose strongly post normalized rainfall all across the country and rural demand going good for the segment. The segment will see the rural demand going good with farm income getting a boost post MSP increase by the government and we expect a 11-13% growth in this segment

    Exports Segment Grew by 49% with the help of record truck segment exports to US. The truck segment will give a big boost to exports and we see considerable opportunity for SSWL in US and EU market for truck segment with China trade war going on. SSWL intends to make significant footprint in US and EU markets with its offering with our new capacity of truck wheels and will go for 10% market share for truck wheel exports in EU and US.

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