SSWL achieves Second highest monthly sales ever

    Sales up YOY 193 %
    Sales up MOM 46 %

    Highest ever monthly exports
    SSWL has achieved Net turnover of Rs 242.40 Crs in Jun 2021 vs Rs. 82.76 Crs in June 2020 increase by 192.61 %YOY & achieved gross turnover of Rs 284.32 Crs in Jun 2021 vs Rs 97.59 Crs in June 2020 there by recording an increase of 191.07 % YOY.

    Segment wise Breakup of growth:

    Segment (by Volume) June – 21 (YOY) June – 21 (MOM)
    Exports 193% 1%
    Passenger Car 157% 142%
    Truck 194% 98%
    2 & 3 Wheelers 204% 443%
    Tractor -1% 27%
    Overall 140% 54%

    Exports Segment volume rose by 193% YOY. The export segment achieved its highest ever sales by volume & Sales in Jun-21, and expected to grow further.

    PV segment rose by 157% YOY saw a growth. Twith uptick in demand and we hope that the upward growth in segment will continue.

    Tractor volumes declines by 1% YOY. Tractor segment was nearly at par with last year and hopes to show growth in coming months.

    Commercial Vehicles segment grew by 194% YOY. The CV segment reported 98% growth MOM also. The segment is expected to witness momentum going ahead in FY21-22.

    2 & 3 Wheelers Segment grew by 204% by YOY. The segment shown growth both YOY and MOM we expect the same to continue going ahead, in Q2 FY 21-22.

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