SSWL clocks 16 percent monthly growth in May.

    SSWL is enthused to announce that in May 2016, SSWL achieved total wheel rim sales of 11.52Lacs Vs 10.20 Lacs in May 2015 representing a 13% YoY growth.

    In terms of Value, the company has achieved gross turnover of Rs 125.47Crs in May 2016 Vs 108.18Crs in May 2015, there by recording growth of 16% and achieved Net turnover of Rs.112.61Crs in May 2016 Vs Rs. 97.19 in May 2015, recording a growth of 16%. The product mix towards heavier wheel is having its impact on top line of the company and will have its favourable impact of the overall profitability of the company.

    Segment wise Breakup of growth


    Segment May Growth (YoY)
    Passenger Car +3%
    Truck +59%
    Tractor +20%
    Exports +15%
    2 & 3 wheelers +17%
    Overall +13%

    Passenger car segment grew 3% in May 2016 YoY. The PV segment grew by 3% YoY and is continuing a healthy trend. The base effect impacted the growth and we expect to move with 8-10 YoY growth in FY 16-17.

    LCV & MHCV segment volumes grew by 59% YoY in May 2016. The CV segment moving robustly and all the development is paying dividends for the company. The company is growing its market share across all the customers and will continue to grow more than 20% in FY 16-17.

    2&3 wheelers volumes grew 17% YoY and we expect to make further inroads with customers ramping up production in upcoming good monsoon season.

    Domestic Tractor segment volumes grew by 20% in May 2016 YoY.The tractor segment grew at 20% and with good monsoon being expected, we can expect this growth rate to continue. The order book looks healthy to set 20-25% benchmark for coming season.

    Exports grew 15% in May 2016.Exports shipments surged 15% and new orders have started ramping up in New Year. We expect to maintain a 10% YoY growth in this segment for FY 16-17.

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