SSWL July 2018 Revenue UP 15% YoY boosted by Record Tractor Segment

    SSWL achieved total wheel rim sales of 13.59 Lacs Vs 12.61 Lacs in July 2018 representing a growth of 8% YoY. The growth in July was all around segments and we expect this to continue going ahead with firm schedule from all customers. The Growth had a small impact due to transpolrt strike.

    In terms of Value, the company has achieved gross turnover of Rs 185.07 Crs in July 2018 Vs 161.51 Crs in July 2017, there by recording a growth of 15% and achieved Net turnover of Rs.152.79 Crs in July 2018 Vs Rs.130.21 Crs in July 2017, recording a growth of 17%.

    SSWL achieved Highest Tractor Segment Production and Dispatch

    Segment wise Breakup of growth


    Segment July Growth (YoY)
    Passenger Car +4%
    Tractor +11%
    2 & 3 Wheelers +8%
    Exports 19%
    Truck +19%
    Overall 8%

    Passenger car segment volumes grew by 4% in July 2018 YoY. The PV volumes grew by 4% and was impacted largely by the transport strike for 8 days which resulted in supply chain hurdles for all customers.

    Tractor volumes rose by 11% in July 2018 YoY to record level for the company. The tractor segment saw 11% rise with monsoons sustaining all across the country. We expect the 15% plus growth in this segment for the FY.

    LCV & MHCV segment volumes grew by 19% YoY in July 2018. The CV segment saw growth in July but was lower than company expectation due to sudden change in AXLE LOAD rules by the Government. We expect the confusion of this load factors to get resolved in august to normalize.

    2 & 3 Wheelers Segment rose by 8%. The sales rose with normalized industry trend. We expect 8-10% trend to continue for the FY. The segment saw some disturbances due to transport strike in the month of July and will attempt to recover the production loss in August.

    Exports Segment Grew by 19% ith the help of Car and truck segment. We expect the truck segment exports to increase sharply going ahead in this FY. The exports to US truck segment will ensure 20% Exports segment growth in this FY.

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