SSWL Production Resumption Update.

    In line with production resumption at various plant of SSWL, this is to update that Tractor segment is now running at 90% capacity with seasoned demand coming to help the segment. We expect this to continue going ahead we reaching 90% plus capacity utilization.

    The export segment will report strong numbers in June and are expected to reach high single digit YoY volume growth. The MoM increase in orders stands at 60%. We will run exports at 2.5 Mn volume annual pace and we expect us to reach soon to 3.0 Mn annual pace with new orders rising from US and EU. This run rate is equal to pre Covid levels and we expect this to continue going ahead. The MoM increase in orders stands at 60%.

    Mehsana plant is expected to run at 50% capacity utilization in June with firm orders from Domestic car makers and this plant will be the first one to reach 70% plus utilization in coming months. The plant has started its operation on three shift basis and we expect to manage full alloy wheel demand from June 2020 onwards.

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