SSWL sales turnover grew 8% in December 2015

    SSWL is enthused to announce that in December 2015, SSWL achieved total wheel rim sales of 10.42 Lacs Vs 10.10 Lacs in December 2014 representing a 3% YoY growth. The truck wheel segment is continuously improving the company’s profitability and will further strengthen it going forward. We registered Highest Truck wheel production and sale in December 2015. Truck & Exports was also highest for the quarter Oct-Dec 2015 and will continue to improve the profitability matrix for the company. Exports and truck wheels are among the top 3 contributors to the profitability of the company.

    Company registers its highest truck wheel production ever.

    Company registered highest truck wheel sale for quarter Oct-Dec 2015.

    Company registered highest exports wheel sale for quarter Oct-Dec 2015.

    In terms of Value, the company has achieved gross turnover of Rs 107.60 Crs in December 2015 Vs 99.80 Crs in December 2014, there by recording growth of 7.8% and achieved Net turnover of Rs. 97.0 Crs in December 2015 Vs Rs. 90.6 Crs in December 2014, recording a growth of 7%. The sales values are not strictly comparable due to RM reduction impact of 15% in Dec-15 due to which the sales growth is lower despite sale o heavier wheel.


    Segment December Growth (YoY)
    Passenger Car +3%
    Truck +51%
    Tractor +36%
    Exports -2%
    Overall +3%


    Passenger car segment grew 3% in December 2015 YoY. The PV segment grew by 3% YoY and is expected to grow in high single digits going forward with few new platforms coming in Q4 for the company.

    LCV & MHCV segment volumes grew by 51% YoY in December 2015. The CV segment saw good momentum and the company registered highest sales for the quarter 3. We expect the trend to continue going forward and company making newer benchmark in this segment.

    Exports were down 2% in December 2015. The exports were down 2% in December 2015 but remained at all time highs and the export for the quarter was the highest. The segment will continue to be driven by good demand from EU and we hope to deliver similar no’s in Q4.

    Domestic Tractor segment volumes grew by 36% in December 2015 YoY. The tractor segment witnessed growth of 36% on the back of weak base of last year. The MoM improvement was there and we expect the demand to slowly move in expansion mode.

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